The First Ever Snowboarding with the Family: Absolutely Unforgettable!

My son has always been telling us, his parents, that he wants to try snowboarding. It is actually one of the things he wants to do during the winter season. This is the reason why I actually looked for a resort that has a good offer. It was our first time and I was quite a bit excited for him so I made sure that we really get the best package from a resort. Moreover, it was less hassle to go to the location because it was not that far from our place.

We always show our support to our son by providing him whatever he needs or what he wants, especially if we know that it is going to make him really happy. As long as he is not doing anything bad that may harm him, my husband and I support him all the way! We just love him so much and we wanted to give the best for him. If you are not that familiar with snowboarding, I would suggest that you ask assistance or help from experts so that you will know which packages you are going to avail.

The experience of being able to try snowboarding with him was really amazing. It was one of the outdoor activities that I thought I could not do. I did not even expect that my son would really find it so exciting. The good thing was that, his father constantly assisted him until he completely learned it already. It was a good thing that my son was patient enough to learn the different skills from our guide. In fact, he was very participative in the whole duration of the activity. As a mother, I am very thankful that nothing wrong happened to my son. According to our guide, we really had to look closely at him, since he is still very young.

It really makes me feel good to see my child’s excitement while snowboarding. We always wanted to see our kids happy and excited about the things that they do with their life. Snowboarding has been a good winter activity for our family ever since. Winter has always been a season to look forward to every year because we gladly watch our son enjoy snowboarding, while our little daughter enjoys watching her brother. We consider it as one of the best seasons ever. Aside from building our snow man, we are also able to learn snowboarding, and it was actually a very fun thing to do.

For parents out there, you really need to support your kids with what kind of activity that they want to try or to do. You will surely love the feeling of seeing them happy with what they are doing. Supporting our son with his snowboarding has made him become more confident about himself and he has been more outgoing. We are hoping that he will become better at snowboarding so that he can then join different competitions because this is what he has been planning to do since he started. When our daughter gets older, we will definitely teach her snowboarding as well.

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first snowman

Building our First Snowman with the Kiddos

I always look forward for winter season to come. It may not be the best time to play and run around the neighborhood, but the white snow reminds me of how fun life has been when I was still young. Things were really a lot different when you are still a child compared to becoming an adult. Being a child lets you enjoy more about life without thinking about what is going on around you.

Back when I was still a child, I can still clearly remember how excited I was whenever it would snow. Aside from playing snow with my siblings, I would always look forward to building a snowman during that time. Perhaps it is actually a part of being a kid. I would even feel bad whenever I could not make a perfect snowman. But eventually, it became too easy for me already, and I could make a lot of them. Even until now, the excitement is still there, especially that I already have kids.

My son, who is 7 years old now, really loves the winter season because it is the time wherein he can build a snowman with his dad. It is actually one of the best times of the year. Even our one-year old daughter loves to watch her brother do it. Building snowman has become a great bonding time for us family, especially when we get to play with the snow more often.

I remember those times when I was the one making my first snowman and I was really very excited and happy to see what kind of snowman it will look like. When I was looking at my family and kids making our first snowman that time, I could not really help but be teary-eyed. It feels so good inside to see your family happy and enjoying the moment.

Time is really flying so fast without you even noticing it. It has been years since we had our first baby and also created our first snowman together. Moreover, we always go out and play outside during winter. I had a great time to play with my siblings when we were young, so I also make sure that my kids will also experience the kind of feeling being able to live and enjoy life while they are still young.

Building a snowman may not be as exciting for others, but if only you can see how happy a family looks like when they spend time together, you would surely wish to do it every day just to see them smile and laugh.

We only live in this world once, which is why we really need to make the most out of everything. Let us stop complaining about the hassle that the snow brings to us. Instead, make use of them to enjoy and have fun with your loved ones. All I ever wanted is to see my kids really happy with my husband and me and the first time we built a snowman was something that will be most memorable to me.

I love my family so much and I would definitely love to spend more time with them especially during winter season.

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How Fun It Was Hiking and Camping with the Kids

Just did another tiring, yet very fun adventure with the whole family! We experienced hiking and camping. I never thought that we could survive the whole activity because first of all, we have 2 little kids. But thankfully, we were able to do it, and even our kids really had so much fun. Spending more time with your loved ones is really very important since it gives you more time quality time to be alone.
Camping is actually one of the things that our family had been planning to do all this time because through this activity, you are able to see the real beauty of nature. Although I find hiking to be tiring, it was still a fun thing to do. My kids had so much energy that I did not notice I was getting tired already. With the big smiles on my kids’ faces, I can really tell how much they are having fun. We all love to do outdoor recreational activities and camping happens to be our all-time favorite of all the exciting things that we do as a family.
Being away from the city, our family was able to bond very well. It feels really a lot different to be in a more quiet place, more intimate for your family and most of all, the wonderful view of nature is really breathtaking. We set up a bonfire, which actually made us feel warm during the cold night. Adding to the warm night was good music. We listened to relaxing music, and even my kids sang along. In addition, we had satisfied stomachs because of the good food that my husband and son cooked. I never thought hiking and camping could be that fun.


To make sure that our kids would not get bored, we also held some activities for them, wherein they could get a reward if they would win. Knowing that his sister is still young, my son really helped her in those activities. Particularly, the activity was really able to strengthen the relationship between my son and daughter. It feels really great to see them playing together. I am really sure that they will both have a much better relationship with each other as siblings.


After all, the ones who really had fun were not my husband and I. It was the kids. The important thing is that, whatever activities we do, they will always be a big a part of it. We just want them to experience different things even though they are still young. For sure, this would not be the last time we will be doing hiking and camping. Camping is exciting, adventurous and brings your family a lot closer to you. Being able to get away with all the stressful things in the city and just spend time and relax with my family is really worth it. I know that we will never forget all those camping moments that we spent and will spend together. I would strongly suggest that you also go out for a camping with your family every once in a while.

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Experience the Hawaiian Big Waves Surfing

The whole family really loves to go to the beach. During summer, we never forget to allot some time to go to the beach. Last summer, we went to Hawaii. I could never forget how happy and excited my kids were when we went to the beach. Aside from swimming, there were other activities that we were able to experience. One of them was surfing. Although my kids are not yet suited to try surfing, they were still able to enjoy watching their parents do it.


Hawaii is very famous for over a hundred surfing spots around the whole island. There are some people who go surfing, from beginners to experts; while the rest will watch the other people surf. When you can get the chance to visit Hawaii, this is really one of the events that you should not miss. Even though you would go there for swimming, surfing is still a must-try for anyone. However, a majority of the surf spots is a half-mile away from the shore that is why it would be difficult to watch the surfers going into action with the waves.


Hawaii waves are really huge and continuous. These are perfect for surfing and the big waves will be a lot more exciting and of course challenging. Several tourist surfers visit Hawaii because of its very beautiful beach and shoreline. It was definitely one of the best places that we visited.


I always have fun whenever I am with my family. They are the type of people who do not really get afraid right away by doing extreme activities. They are always adventurous, and whatever the plans of the family are, they will always look forward to do those things as well. It was actually my first time to try surfing, and it was absolutely unforgettable. It was also a great experience because my instructor was very good at teaching me the right skills to apply.


What made it a lot easier for us to learn was actually because of our patient instructor. He has been experienced enough to teach us about the basics and we easily learned because of him. I never thought that I would learn how to surf because it was just so unexpected and I ended up trying to surf with my family. I have been really nervous yet excited to learn and I realized that it was definitely fun and a must try activity for you and your family.


We are again planning to visit Hawaii once again. It is indeed a very wonderful place to visit and I would definitely never get tired going there with my family. Surfing is so addictive and I love the big waves in Hawaii. I cannot wait any longer to try the bigger surfing adventure and go to more advanced lessons. Life gets a lot better, especially when you are having fun with your family.


Surfing in Hawaii is really a lot more relaxing than you ever thought it would be. You will really have fun and will surely put aside all your worries.

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Hawaii Getaway: One of the Best Summer Vacation Ever

Here we go again! We just experienced one of the best summer vacations ever! The whole family went to one of the best beach places in the world. Hawaii! Undeniably, it was really unforgettable because we were able to experience new adventures there. Traveling with my family is a lot more fun than traveling alone because you get to enjoy the vacation with your loved ones and always share how beautiful the places that you would visit. This has been our favorite summer activity every year – summer outing with the kids. I have been married for 6 years now and I am proud to say that my kids are really happy with how things are going on with our family.
It truly makes me happy to see my kids grow with so much interest in doing various activities such as traveling and spending some time outdoors. I am actually very happy that they are not afraid to try new things. At a young age, my son already knows how to swim. I am so grateful to have a dedicated husband because he was the one who taught our son to swim. In addition, my interest in surfing has blossomed. I was able to try it, and I never knew I could be good at it.


Aside from swimming, we were also able to witness Hawaiian dances during the night. It is actually interesting to see the Hawaiians dance. When you watch them, it makes you want to dance as well. The wonderful feeling of being surrounded by people with the positive energy really helps you put aside all your worries and forget your problems. The people there are really very amazing and fun to be with.


My family and I are definitely beach lovers. We love spending time relaxing under the heat of the sun and enjoy the view of the beautiful shoreline. We have been to different places with our kids with us and in fact, we sometimes bring our cat and dog every time we have a summer outing or vacation out of town.
Going to Hawaii was definitely worth it.  It is I think the best place that I have ever visited with my family and kids. There are many activities that you can do there, and you can even have your kids join you. It is absolutely one of the perfect places for family vacations. Even our kids love the whole place. Now that summer’s already over, my husband and I are planning to go back to Hawaii someday. By the time our daughter gets a little older, that will be a good idea.


At a very young age, we have already taught our kids how to swim and we even tried surfing. The cold beach water makes me a lot more relaxed and stress-free. Going to Hawaii has been the best break that I have been waiting for since I have been very busy and too tied up with office work. The wonderful place and scenery will definitely take your breath away.


With the Hawaii summer vacation that we had, I have learned that the time you spend with our family will be more worth it that the time you spend without them. I would really recommend that you bring your family at least once a year for a family outing or bonding.


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